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Hands, Feet, Nails

Hands, Feet and Nails



Luxury Pedicures: £23.50 
Luxury pedicure with infinite shine: £26.00 
Shellac with dry pedicure: £30 


File & varnish: £8.00 
File and varnish with infinite shine: £10.00 
Mini Manicure: £15.00 
Luxury Manicure: £20.00 
Luxury manicure with infinite shine : £23.00 


Fashion for your fingers & toes! Minx is an alternative to nail polish that gives a bright, in your face look! Popular with celebrities, this creates a great look for partying!

Minx: £25.00


Shellac is fantastic, applied like a nail polish with the staying power of gel! Say goodbye to nicks, chips and smudges and say hello to 14 day perfect nails

Shellac: £24.00
Shellac French Tips: £26.00
Shellac Finger & Toes: £44
(french + £2)

Shellac Dry Pedicure: £30