Teeth Whitening in Hemel Hempstead

Teeth Whitening
Our teeth whitening experts have taken teeth whitening out of the traditional dental surgery and into the tranquil, relaxed setting of your favourite salon

Teeth Whitening

About Your Appointment

Your appointment will begin with a simple chat to find out about your lifestyle and whether you have had your teeth whitened before. If not, don’t worry, we will talk you through the process step by step.

1. A shade guide is used to let you check the shade of your teeth before and after the appointment.

2. The teeth are given a gentle cleanse and scrub. At this stage any recent surface stains are removed and the enamel is given a gentle exfoliation

3. A textured accelerator wipe is coated with an activation spray and you will give your teeth a brush. As well as giving the teeth a deep cleanse, which helps draw the gel into the pores of your enamel.

4. A sterile mouth guard is then removed from a sealed foil packet and non peroxide gel is applied. You then place the mouth guard into your mouth and put on a pair of protective goggles.

5. Sit back, relax and let the teeth whitening gel and laser light get to work! The laser light creates an oxidation reaction which will remove stains and tooth discoloration from the inside out.

A full appointment consists of 3 back to back 20 minute session and most customers see an 8 – 12 shade improvement.

After Care

The pores in your teeth stay open for up to 48 hours following an appointment and by not following the tips below it can effect your results.

Try to eat a white diet during this time & do not eat or drink anything that would stain a t-shirt.

Avoid: Smoking/ Coloured foods/ Dark sauces/ Coloured drinks/ Red wine/ Sugary drinks/ Tea/ Coffee

If you experienced any sensitivity during treatment avoidfood or drinks that are too hot or too cold.


How long with the results last?

This really does depend on you & what you eat and drink. A lift in colour should stay for up to 18 months but exposure to coffee, tobacco, red wine, red meat etc will darken your teeth.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, our product is safe and is covered by European Council Directive on Cosmetic Products 2011/84 EU. We are also insured with Zurich, one of the leading insurance companies.

Will I experience sensitivity?

This is the question that concerns most people. The majority of people find the process completely painless, however a small percentage of people experience temporary sensitivity to hot or cold for 24 – 48 hours following treatment.